Renovation Saint George Hotel - Golden Beach - Paros 2019

It is a great pleasure for us when a design project is completed, lives and fulfills its purpose! Our cooperation with Saint George Hotel on the Golden Beach of Paros was a creative and unique experience.
Inspiration for us was the unique beachfront location overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. We have focused on modern decoration with traditional corners that have created a landscape of comfort and elegance. The blue atmosphere combined with the marbles and stones from the land of Paros strengthen the uniqueness of the style and create a setting of harmony and relaxation.
We have been working on the Renovation Project throughout the project, starting with the Decoration Study, overseeing the technical work, creating custom furniture and lighting solutions, indoor and outdoor fabrics, mix & match of old furniture and constructions, artworks and decorative elements exclusively for Saint George.
Our goal was for Saint George Hotel's guests to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, elegance and modern comforts. We suggested soft color combinations for the oil paintings that refer to the relaxing mood while combining the elaborate pattern of fabrics of recognized houses that point to an endless Greek summer full of colors! All the hotel equipment we built is followed by professional standards and is distinguished by its elegance, durability and functionality while the natural wood furniture blends with the natural environment of the island.
Thank you very much Penelope and Zacharia Kontogiorgi for your trust and excellent cooperation, we continue to be next to you at your every need.
We renew our appointment for next year .... !!


Renovation Project Editing - Decorating Study: Angeliki Sfakianaki
Furnishing - Special constructions: Vasarmidis Hotel Vasarmidis Konstantinos
Fabrics - Fabrics: Artessili Vasarmidis Giorgos
Design & manufacture of Handmade Lighting: Angeliki Sfakianaki
Artworks - Decorative elements: Katsoulis Giannis

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